Showgirls (1995) dir. Paul Verhoeven

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If Morrissey says not to eat meat, then I’m going to eat meat; that’s how much I hate Morrissey.

Robert Smith (the Cure)

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gimme ur numbers so i can text you literally anyone my phone is an empty shell i’ll talk to whoever

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my iphone shut itself down and i lost everything so now im waiting for it to restore but im not gonna cry about the 4,000 photos i will never get back or the numbers i am too affraid to ask for because anthony at the call center in central oregon told me to be a brave little toaster. i mean i guess if all evidence of my life of the past year had to be erased at least i got to have a vry kind vry supportive vry funny apple support guy talk to me about cd players and horror movies and mad men while it happened and then thank me for being such a wonderful special apple care customer so i don’t totally feel like i wanna die

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Some 42 y/o man on Okc is actually trying to start a fight with me over how ‘hipster’ I’m trying to be like seriously all I do is talk about how I’m constantly paranoid that my bangs are shitty and that I would die for fall out boy so hip so cool

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I can teach you

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